Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I've been trying to come up with a good time to meet with Agnes and Ben to conduct a second interview. It seems that they are as busy as I am. It's been over a month now. I finally got to meet with them today, after a lengthy game of phone tag.

CS: So what's kept you so busy lately?

BR: Well the kids keep us pretty busy. Having kids means you have to plan in advance if you're going to do anything without them.

CS: I appreciate that you're making time to do this for me. Thanks. When I called you a few weeks ago, you said Agnes was sick. (To Agnes) How are you feeling now?

AR: I feel pretty good. I've just been fighting this backache. That's why I picked this comfy chair.

CS: I see. Did you fall down, or try to lift something heavy?

AR: Well I fell down a while ago, but it didn't hurt for a few days. Then I got a bruise on my arm and my back hurt.

BR: Yeah, it was a weird bruise. Pretty yellow. (To Agnes) You looked like Ajax when he was born.

CS: Did you get it checked out?

AR: No, not yet. I think it's going away. I have an appointment in a week or so.

CS: I hope you feel better soon.

AR: Thanks.

CS: So where were we? Ah yes. How did you know the other person was "the one?"

BR: We were in our Final Project class and I was watching her present the group's results to the class. We built a remote controlled car that could control itself, and learn to not run into walls and stuff.

CS: That's pretty cool.

BR: So I watched her, and I noticed how beautiful she was. Not just pretty on the outside. I thought about who she really is, deep down. She's fragile, imperfect, but so kind and warm. It was this fragility that made me think, "this is someone I could spend my whole life taking care of." I know she doesn't need "taking care of." But I knew at that point that I wanted to spend the rest of my life being a shoulder to cry on, being someone to laugh with, and just being there for her, with her.

AR: Sorry. Just a second. (Agnes points her eyes up and wipes her lower eyelids, to prevent mascara from running. She sniffles.) When he told me that the first time, I knew he was the one. We promised that we would stay together. No matter what happened. We promised that no matter what mistakes we made, we would never let our hearts get hardened against each other.

BR: So far so good.

CS: That's really nice, you guys.

BR: Yes, yes we are. (chuckles)

CS: Agnes, you look pretty uncomfortable. Did you want to get back home?

AR: Actually, yes. Sorry about this. By back is worse.

BR: Your bruise is bigger, Agnes. Maybe you should go to the doctor sooner. They might put you under those fluorescent lights, like they did to Ajax when he was a newborn. You can wear that sleep mask with the sunglasses drawn on it. (laughs)

AR: (forces a smile)

BR: Too soon? Ok. Sorry. Let's go.

CS: Okay, thanks again, you guys.

Thus concludes the second interview. Hopefully Agnes feels better soon and we can continue this more regularly.

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